sábado, 26 de junho de 2010


(Teresa) (Bia) (Tysha) (Caroline)

Let's see.. I'm a bit bored...

Still, I'm here, sitting in front of the computer, writing, (what the hell I want) = Doing Nothing ._.'

Well... My day was good...
Besides the fact that I had to circle the Parque Atlântico, just for red roses ._. Gosh lol
Recently I've been with a lots of "doings"... and ocupations.. always singing, playing guitar, playing drums, playing piano... *uff*
I'm so glad that my exams are finished!!! Halellujah! hehe
Now -> 12nd Grade street ._.
Can you believe it?? 12nd Grade??
I'm getting old!
I miss the old times! When I was 15 years old, and I did many things and stupid things, because I was a child... Wow, I grew up so fast in a year o_o'
Oh well... hehe That's life (:


Right now, I'm listening to a nice song: Hey Soul Sister by Train
The music is so cute :^3 (<- what the hell?? xD)


Oh well.. I really miss the old days... Gosh...
Now... I have to think about the Future.. what kind of study I want in the University (University? Gosh... )... Where I'm going in 3 years... (that's enough!!)
I miss paiting and drawing... I miss hanging out with my 3 Jellybeans together! (Tysha, Bia and Teresa)
I miss the silly classes, and the easy studies that we had (and still we objeted and protested with our teachers (particulary our History teacher xD omg, I forgot that next year we will still have her ._.' F***)
I miss when we read that forbidden book hehe :P
I miss Monday's lunches! The Wednesday's and Friday's afternoons!
I miss me, when I had 80 kg (LOOOL hein? LOL)
I miss the adventures, the laughs and the jokes!
Oh well... I miss everything!!!! :x

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