segunda-feira, 27 de julho de 2009

What makes me happy when I'm sad?? Oo

Well... I'll tell you...
What makes me glad, and takes thoose tears off my face...
It's by dancing and singing...
If I'm crying, I listen to a song called "Smile"...
Look at the name of the song :) you know what I'm talking about xD
When... like he says "Smile... what's the use of crying..."
and that's true! ^^
Why do you cry?
I think that, people should smile more a little often...
People should be so happy with the things they have... Between them: Family, Friends, Job, School (...etc...)
Well.... That's what I think about this..
Don't you agree?

If you disagree, that's okay, because this is just an opinion.. xD

Well... Got to go...
I have to pratice my new music for my band Crimson Gardens :D (piano song ^^)
It's very beautiful...
Thank you my beautiful person that give me inspiration! <3>

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  1. Iiiih, olha nos ^^
    Yeah, I totally agree with you. There's people who live worried about things that don't matter.. And forget the little things that do really matter.. like a smile =)
    and I love ur smile ^^
    I love yaa <33