quinta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2010

My week #2

Well... My week was good. A normal one. Lol.
Monday: Well.. Monday I stayed at home, cleaning the house... And taking care of the clothes.. Because, the day before I went home at 2 a.m. Oh well.. It's life lol
Tuesday: I had an rehearsal. António, wouldn't come... So, me and Bia rehearsaled the 2 of us. We played and sang "House of the Rising Sun", "Proud Mary", "Mamma mia", Tears in Heaven", "One", "Angie", "Yesterday", "Hey Jude" and, our new song from our band "A chance to get burned". It's gonna be a hit! I simply know it!! (: We will record, ALL our songs in December! We will put on Youtube, then.
Wednesday: Stayed home, cleaned the house, and take care of the clothing.. (again)... *bored* lol
Thursday: (which is today) I woke up, and take breakfast. Then, I went to go shopping with my mom, and at 2 p.m. I took a cup of coffee with Bia and discussed things about the band... Then Theresa came at 4 p.m. At 6 p.m. I went home, and now I'm here...
Friday: Clean the house, from the top... So that I can have my rehearsal Saturday...
Well, this is it...
My week. It wasn't a BIG thing, but.. It's my week. Loool.
I'm going now. (:*

10 days (so that school starts)
2 days (For Tysha's Birthday ^^)

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