domingo, 28 de junho de 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson <3 (new music of our band Crimson Gardens)


Dear friend,
we will miss you a lot,
you will be in our hearts 'till the end,
and you'll always be on the top! (Chorus)

Look what the haters done to you..
The said things to make you stressed out,
And now they will not disturb you...
Because you're in peace up there...

We will always remmenber you,
By your dance and sing,
No one can replace you,
My dear King....

Great musics that you had,
But now you will not be with us, (never...)
But remmenber what you said
"The musician can die, but his hard work will live forever"

You were the only musician,
that concerned with everything...
About rights of animals and human being,
you we're special...
Like you said "you are not alone";
Because everyone will keep you in their hearts...
And you will never feel apart..

R.I.P. Michael Jackson <3

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