quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2009

Human Being

Let's see... I put my videos of me singing...
days later... I receive horrible comments!
The human being can be very mean! So disgusting!
People have to think... before they say anything...
Don't judge people, before you meet them!
Don't say bad things about their appearance! Cause they can be "ugly" in the present... but in the future they can be changed! Maybe they'll be the most beautiful person in the world!!
You don't know!!!
Stop judging!
Stop making fun of everything that moves! Talks! And smiles!
Stop making fun of the people who has different colours!
We are all the same!
We have the same organs! We are the same specimen...
So.. when you are making fun of other human being.. you're making fun of you!
Think a little...
Tell me what you think.. but be sincere!
I'm right! I know I'm right!
Reflect many times this text...
If you didn't understood...
If you understand... well.. you're very clever!
God blessed your brain! (funny story behind this sentence xD)
Well... Bye*****
Don't forget to tell me... if I'm wrong, or if I'm right!
Be sincere!

2 comentários:

  1. Bebecas eu ja te disse o que achava.. Concordo co que dizes. Não ligues a comentarios estupidos, tens mais gente que gosta ta tua voz que haters :) portanto, caga..
    Love ya sis <3

  2. Keep your head up gorgeous
    People would kill to see you fall!