segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2009

Odd People


There are so many people that won't move on...
The secret of Life is to move on, when the thing that's not good, don't you be still... Move!
Do you understand?
I know many people that don't move on!
And that's destroying their life's..
Sitting in their old chair... thinking of what they did wrong...
(That's stupid)
Go take a walk with your friends! Live your Life!
Stop concerning! Stop being such a child!
Grow up! People have to grow up!
I know.. I know... We all have a child inside of us...
but.. our body, will be different... We have to think more like an adult!
If you want a good life... think like one!
When you are are being the child that is inside of you!

Listen to ME!



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