sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2010

My week #1


Well... I don't have much to say, actually...
My week was good, and bad. (As always)
Monday: Monday, was an usual day. I woke up, and had breakfast. Then, I take coffee with Bia, and talked a little. Then, we went Bowling. It was fun. lol One hour later, my friend Theresa and António, arrived from Santa Maria (Açores), because she went to a festival called "Maré de Agosto". After the arrival, we talked a little, and then they left. I stood next to my friend Bia, for more 30 minutes. Then I went home, walking! I was walking, from the city, to my home. Oh well. Then I didn't do much.
Tuesday: Well... Tuesday I don't remember very well, but I think that I went to the city, and had a cup of coffee with BIa, again. Didn't do much on this day either...Ah! It was the day that I had rehearsal. We waited for António, for over an hour. So, when Bia arrived, she played guitar and we started to sing and play "Satisfaction" of Rolling Stones.. Then an old man started to shout "Stop that music! stop that noise! you're disturbing the neighborhood! Stop it" and then we stopped. Bia, wanted to play just a little more. So, she played some melody, and I coulnd't even heard. The old man started again! "Stop with the noiseee!" and then Bia said "Well, I will not stop the music, or the "noise", because I'm a citizen. And I wans't playing laudly". Then we had the rehearsal, and I gave Bia a massage for over an hour and a half. And then I went home.
Wednesday: On this day, I stood home, doing almost nothing... Just watching T.V. and cleaning some stuff here and there. Then, I went to the city, at 8:00 p.m. I met Bia at Doris Bar, and take a cup of coffee (again lol). Then, we went to a place we call "A plataforma" and then watched several balloons that feed with fire, up in the air. It was magical. The scenario looked like the movie of Harry Potter. It was beautiful!!! I will put a video. lol The quality sucks...
Thursday: Yesterday... I went to the Mall, and took a cup of coffee with Bia. Then, I had to make an huge travel to come home. Had to ride two Mini-buses and walk. lol (It's life)
Friday: Today, I didn't do much! Stayed at home, and bored!!!!

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